On Mikl farm, we serve traditional Koroska dishes such as buckwheat groats with sour milk,
traditional pastry, rye bread baked in a wood-burning oven (with yeast), cottage cheese with onion and pumpkin oil, charcuterie, potato soup, dumplings, apple strudel and sweet plum ravioli.

We offer fresh apple cider and apple juice picked directly from our orchards.

The food and drinks we serve are produced on our farm. Farming is based on
sustainable and organic production. We grow several varieties of cereals (rye, spelt, oats, etc.),
vegetables, herbs, currants, raspberries, old apple varieties, pears, cherries, plums, strawberries and in the surrounding forests
you can pick wild forest blueberries and mushrooms. We also have our own beehive where we produce our own honey. Our
cattle spend most of the year grazing, which ensures high quality meat. All animals are fed from home
produced feed and we take extra care to ensure that the animals are happy and have the best possible
living conditions.

House of George and Lena

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