House of Jurij and Lena

When we decided to expand our accommodation, we saw an opportunity in an old historic house on our farm. The house was owned by the owners of our farm in the past, but later it was used as a house for the servants who helped on the farm. During the restoration of this small home, we came across an engraved signature of Jurij and Lena, the former owners, dated 1786. It is therefore over 230 years old and you will quickly feel the special touch of antiquity. It is decorated in vintage style with old restored furniture and natural materials. The rooms downstairs have a small kitchen, dining area, seating area and a bathroom. Wooden stairs lead upstairs to the bedroom, which has a double bed and a double sofa bed. The house also has a balcony, which offers a particularly beautiful morning view of Mountain Peca. Around the house there is a fenced lawn with a fireplace, sun loungers and a covered terrace.

House of George and Lena

Apartment Pine

Apartment Spruce

Alder Room

Birch Room

Camping space