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Organic tourist farm Mikl

Enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Carinthia.

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Farm with Accommodation

House of Jurij and Lena, Apartment Pine and Spruce, Room Jelša and Birch

Cycling Routes

Jamnica Park

Camping Space

Camp Sadovnjak, Camp Koroški plot

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Organic Farm

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About our farm

The Mikl Organic Tourist Farm lies 800 meters above sea level, right on the border with Austria. It is located in a hamlet called Jamnica, where the Single Trail Park Jamnica has been established. 

Mikl Farm started tourism and organic farming in 1999. The location of the farm offers beautiful views of mountains and peaks, walks through forests and along paths, and many cycling opportunities. The farm offers a healthy living environment and organic food certified by an accredited control organization. We grow several varieties of grains (rye, spelt, oats, etc.), vegetables, herbs, currants, raspberries, old varieties of apples, pears, cherries, blueberries and cranberries from the surrounding forests. We offer it all freshly picked, in juice, in jam, dried or cooked. We feed all our animals with home-grown feed and take special care to ensure that the animals are happy and have the best possible living conditions. Our cattle spend most of the year grazing. You can see chickens, horses and pigs. Pigs are indigenous breeds of Slovenia, called the Krško-Poljski pig. We have provided them with a small pond where they like to refresh themselves on hot days. All animals are guaranteed free access from the barn to the pasture.



Fresh/clean air

Peace and silence


Impressions from our guests

Where to find us

"Far enough not to go too far."

Jamnica 11
2391, Prevalje
GPS coordinates: 46.5956634 , 14.806611

Ljubljana (124 km, 2 h 5 min)
Maribor (84 km, 1h 35 min)
Portorož (243 km, 3 h 5 min)
Klagenfurt/Celovec (73 km, 1 h 4 min)

House of George and Lena

Apartment Pine

Apartment Spruce

Alder Room

Birch Room

Camping space